The biggest hurdle facing America’s healthcare system isn’t one of money or resources. Over the course of the next several years, this country will face a healthcare reckoning in the form of a staff shortage. A 2016 study published in Human Resources for Health indicated a global demand of around 80 million healthcare workers by 2030. The study projected that the supply of healthcare professionals will hit just 65 million by that time, leaving a shortage of 15 million worldwide. This shortage is exacerbated in parts of America, especially rural, less populated regions where healthcare services were already scarce.  

This shortage, in turn, is affecting patient care. The majority of mistakes made in hospitals occur because of nursing shortages. These aren’t the responsibility of the individual nurses, but of the industry itself. Healthcare workers are stretched too thin, and they need help – for their own, personal health and for the care of their patients.  

Our goal is to bring helpful healthcare employment information to those who want it. Whether you’re trained as a nurse and trying to secure an internship or making a mid-career pivot to patient-centered care, we have the resources to help. Finding employment in the healthcare industry isn’t hard, but understanding the nuances of employment opportunities can be. We want to help produce the next generation of caring, well-informed healthcare professionals. This is only the first step.  

This site contains information about the healthcare staff shortage, nursing resources, and informational pages about the type of healthcare workers we need most. If you’re just beginning your journey as a medical professional, this is an excellent place to start.