Payroll Software That Supports Small Hospitals and Individual Clinics

The healthcare field is more important than ever, and managing payroll for this industry can be difficult. Payroll software has to be able to keep up with changing compliance and regulations. As an employer, you play a huge role in making sure payroll runs smoothly. Whether you’re a manager, healthcare administrator, or a human resources specialist, you can help streamline your hospital’s payroll by using the appropriate tax software. 

Big hospitals can manage high-volume staff with Gusto, ADP, and Intuit, but these software tools are cost prohibitive for smaller businesses and individual clinics that still need a good payroll software without paying top price.

As a smaller practice, you don’t necessarily need a payroll software that can accommodate a high employee volume. Your organization needs a top-notch payroll software that doesn’t 

As you search for the best payroll software for a small business, be sure that they have pricing for small businesses. 

How Payroll Software Can Help Small Businesses

A strong tax software program will ultimately save your organization time and money. In the healthcare field, that time is invaluable. You can use payroll software to assess your current staffing needs. Who do you need to fill certain roles? Would you have the means to compensate them adequately? Easily answer these questions with the help of payroll software. Tax software gives you a holistic view of your small business’s payroll. Managing payroll for a small hospital or individual clinic takes time. The best part about using payroll software is that you don’t have to put in endless hours doing manual payroll. 

A strong payroll software:

  • Supports the number of employees you have. Most software sites will provide their software’s capacity.
  • Calculates local, state, and federal payroll taxes. This feature can save your organization countless hours. 
  • Generates important tax forms. Tax season will be a breeze with appropriate payroll software. Small business tax software should be able to generate W-2 and 1099 forms. 
  • Automatically files tax forms. Easy-to-use payroll software should take your taxes one step further by automatically filing tax forms for you. Some systems will electronically file W-2 and 1099 forms to the IRS/SSA.
  • Offers direct deposit. Direct deposit streamlines your organization’s payroll process. Your employees will also appreciate the efficiency and timeliness of direct deposit. 
  • Secures employee information. Protect your employees’ private information with well-secured payroll software. You can easily access necessary information while providing protection from potential scammers.
  • Imports data from other sources. Ideally, your payroll software should be able to import data from other sources, including PeachTree, Excel, and QuickBooks. This integration will make your payroll process even faster.

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