Nursing Schools See Enrollment Bump Amid Pandemic

It might seem safe to assume that the COVID-19 crisis has scared away many potential health professionals. But in fact, nursing schools have seen a sharp increase in new students since the pandemic started. Some medical schools have reported a nearly 20% increase in students, making nursing one of the fastest-growing fields in America. What’s driving all these people to become doctors and nurses in the middle of a pandemic?

It’s possible that many people have signed up simply because they want to help people. Every day, doctors and nurses are on the frontlines of the pandemic. They administer treatment, offer comfort and do everything they can to save the lives of people in their community. When you become a nurse, you’ll have a direct impact on thousands of people in your area. Some of your patients might even be friends and family members. You’ll retire knowing that you helped the United States through one of its biggest health crises.

Others might have signed up because they know they’ll have job security. In the middle of a pandemic, the healthcare system needs doctors and nurses more than ever. This is the perfect time for people to get an education, jump into training and become an experienced health professional. Even when the pandemic is over, hospitals are still going to need doctors and nurses. They’re usually paid well and get consistent hours, which has encouraged millions of Americans to go into nursing.

The pandemic has simply brought more attention to the field of nursing. Some people might have taken an interest in the medical field during the pandemic and realized that healthcare is the right industry for them. You can complete some medical degrees in as little as two years, and you’ll get valuable support along the way. The pandemic might have caused a lot of people to reevaluate their entire lives.

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