Types of Nurses

Over the past few years, the nursing field has experienced unprecedented growth, which is expected to continue in the future. Many specialties in the healthcare field suffer from nursing shortages due to the high growth rate of the US population. Thus, some nursing specialties have stemmed from the healthcare industry. Below are some of the popular nursing jobs.

Cancer Nurse 
Critical Care/ICU Nurse
Home Health Nurse 
Neonatal Nurse/NICU Nurse 
Nurse Manager 
Operating Room Nurse 
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse 
Dialysis Nurse 
Dental Nurse 
Emergency Room Nurse 
Forensic Nurse 
Hospice Nurse 
Labor & Delivery Nurse 
Medical Surgical Nurse 
Occupational Health Nurse 
Pediatric Nurse 
Public Health Nurse 
Radiological Nurse 
School Nurse 
Staff Nurse 
Telemetry Nurse 
Travel Nurse 
Urgent Care Nurse