Alternative Career Opportunities for Nurses

Although the demand for nurses in hospitals and clinics is high, the vacancies are still not being filled. Some nursing graduates may relish the various opportunities at their fingertips and choose not to pursue a job in a hospital or clinic. Instead, they may choose to branch out and explore other avenues in the field of nursing.

For some nurses, working in a hospital every day is not an appealing job option. They do not wish to be stretched thin caring for more patients than they can safely handle. Or perhaps they do not feel that working in a certain branch of the hospital is what they desire to do. Some nurses cannot tolerate the stress, for example, of working in the acute care unit of a hospital or clinic. They may choose to investigate another nursing job opportunity, instead.

Alternatives for Nursing Graduates

There are several avenues that nursing graduates can explore. They do not have to be employed at a hospital in order to enjoy job security or interesting work. Many nurses choose to pursue home healthcare, in which they travel to patients’ homes and provide healthcare directly to them. This is a great option for nurses who want to work independently, and home healthcare can often be an interesting and rewarding job. Other nurses find their niche in public healthcare working in schools, government facilities, or public health clinics. These nurses enjoy working with a different sector of the public every day, from children to senior citizens.

Another interesting opportunity for nurses is the position of occupational health nurse. These nurses work onsite at a job to provide healthcare or initial emergency treatment to workers in a certain industry. They may also fill out accident reports and file the healthcare paperwork for these employees. Still other nurses have the lofty goal of being nurse supervisor or choosing to pursue becoming a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are qualified to diagnose and treat common illnesses and injuries.

Whichever avenue nurses choose, plenty of job opportunities abound. Though the shortage will continue to increase, the job outlook itself is bright.

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